April 25, 2015


Two artists have recently recorded songs written by Dony & Reba Rambo-McGuire.  The Gaither Vocal Band and The Sneed Family are the first to record these songs and Rambo McGuire wanted to let you know about it. The Gaither Vocal Band’s latest project, Pure And Simple, features “Sow Mercy” a brand new song led by Mark Lowry set in a simple, acoustic arrangement. 

Reba states, “Bill fell in love with the song immediately because  it took the principle of sowing and reaping and put a true positive spin on it instead of the usual negative, ‘God’s gonna get you.’ Besides that, Mark Lowry absolutely sings it to the ground!”

To order and find out more about the Gaither Vocal Band’s recording of Dony & Reba’s song “Sow Mercy” click HERE.

The Sneed Family’s latest release Christmas In Kentucky features a new Christmas song Reba & Dony wrote, “I Still Remember When.”  The song recalls the old country church from years past where the holiday was celebrated with treasured pagentry, songs and love.

“Dony and I started talking one day about Christmas productions in the small country churches we both grew up in and the funny yet endearing moments that happened. Before we knew it, the stories came alive in this sentimental and beautiful song that our friends The Sneed Family just released” says Reba.

To order The Sneed Family’s recording of Dony & Reba’s song “I Still Remember When” click HERE.