March 28, 2015

On A Journey Called Life ~ Dony McGuire

By Pam Griffin ~
The Destin Log  ~

Music began early in the life of Dony McGuire, composer of the 1984 Song of the Year, “Upon This Rock”.

McGuire began piano lessons at the age of five, at the insistence of his mother, and continued for 10 years.

“My family was very musical, so I would have to say they had quite an influence on me concerning a love for music,” McGuire told The Log.

McGuire credits five major composers — Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky — as influencing the way he composes music.

The youngest of seven children, McGuire began performing with his brothers at the age of four. They spent their early years singing in churches and concert halls on weekends and during the summer.

At the age of 11, McGuire composed music to lyrics his father wrote. He recorded that song, “He Will Provide”, many times.

At 16, McGuire left home to pursue a full-time career in gospel music and performed with many of the most popular groups of the day, including the legendary group The Downings…

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